Watch Service

Should your Carl F. Bucherer timepiece require a repair or a maintenance service, we offer a worldwide network of modern service centers with highly-qualified specialists. These watchmakers and specialists have received extensive training to service and repair Carl F. Bucherer watches, according to our highest standards.

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Watch interventions

Any intervention on your Carl F. Bucherer timepiece can and shall only be carried out by qualified watchmakers which have been specifically trained on Carl F. Bucherer watches and movements.
This enables us to offer a service of superior quality. (A partial service is always due if the watch requires opening - except for fine adjustments of the watch).

We offer and recommend the following service packages:

  Partial Service Full maintenance
A diagnosis to determine the physical and technical condition of the watch
Opening and dismantling the watch
Dismantling of the case (crystal, tube, pushers, etc.)
Cleaning of the case and metal bracelet (if so equipped)  
Refinishing and cleaning of the case and metal bracelet (if so equipped) according to the requirements and specifications of Carl F. Bucherer  
Reassembly of the case and restoration of the water-resistance by exchanging the necessary components (gaskets, etc.)
Dismantling of the movement into its individual parts. Repair an replacement of any faulty movement parts. Cleaning and washing of the disassembled parts. Reassembly of the movement and check of the functions of movement according to the Carl F. Bucherer quality standards  
Placing of the dial and hands  
Casing of the movement and tuning the rate
Closing of the case and check of water-resistance
Final check of all functions and properties of the watch according to the Carl F. Bucherer specifications

Beyond our defined service packages we also offer individual services on your Carl F. Bucherer watch. Please contact one of our Carl F. Bucherer Service



Pricelist for full maintenance services on Carl F. Bucherer watches.

Complication Price
Quartz 290.-
Automatic 390.-
Perpetual 950.-
Manufacture 690.-
Chronograph - Diff.
Chronograph - Perpetual 1200.-
Tourbillon Quotation
Special timepieces Quotation

These prices are recommended guide prices in Switzerland (currency Swiss Francs CHF).


Sales warranty

Your Carl F. Bucherer timepiece was manufactured by our watchmakers with great care and according to the strictest quality guidelines. Should any defect of material or manufacture nevertheless appear, Carl F. Bucherer offer a warranty for a period of two years from date of purchase. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or damage resulting from improper treatment. The warranty is valid when fully completed by an official Carl F. Bucherer specialist dealer at the time of purchase.

In case of damage, please contact your official Carl F. Bucherer specialist dealer or one of the official Carl F. Bucherer Service Centers. Please be sure to produce the fully completed warranty card with the watch.


Service warranty

Carl F. Bucherer offer an international service warranty of 2 years (24months) on any service work completed within a full maintenance service or a service warranty of 1 year (12 months) on any service work completed within a partial service.

If any defect or nonconformity should appear, which is covered by the warranty and is approved as such by the customer service, Carl F. Bucherer will repair the faulty restoration (if required repair or replacement of spare parts) without incurring any costs. Further rights related to the faulty execution are excluded.

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or damages caused by accidents, lack of care or negligence.
The warranty is void if any repairs or interventions have been attempted by a third party which is not qualified to carry out service work by Carl F. Bucherer.