If you had all the time in the world, what would you do with it? Who would you be?

If I had all the time in the world, I would do everything because in theory, I would have enough time to do everything. I would tap into every talent and interest I have inclusive of fashion design, performance, film, music, and hospitality. Traveling more would be ideal as well. I would see my family and friends more, and I would do my best to leave a legacy that is set to inspire people to achieve. Simple answer: I would do more! 


What does “time well spent” mean for you?

For me, the idea of "time well spent" highlights something I try to practice each day actually - It's Doing your best to get the best possible experience out of whatever it is you decide to indulge in.


Describe your perfect moment in time.

My perfect moment in time centerpieces being surrounded with unconditional love from my loved ones in everything I do.


What is your idea/understanding of the perfectly-dressed man?

My idea and understanding of a well dressed man is an individual who commits to knowing who he is, what works for him and how he can translate that signature style accordingly and appropriately at all times.


What draws you to Carl F. Bucherer watches?

I believe it's the story of Carl F. Bucherer and my relation to the company being so family oriented. Brand value is really important to me and plays a vital role in my interest when it comes to the products I choose to utilize. In addition to that, the watches are beautifully constructed. The details featured in the watches exude the unique magnificence and elegance I aspire to possess at all times.


A great watch always has been, and will always be, a personal possession that speaks volumes about its owner. What is your idea of the Carl F. Bucherer man?

The Carl F. Bucherer man, wearer and collector is an honorable man in his entirety. He's distinguished, prestigious, multi talented, and humble. Humility, hard work and always exemplifying great taste is what drives this man.


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