ALACRIA Diva Bamboo

11 Apr 2013

The Extravagant Meets the Exotic.

Like the bamboo plant, the Alacria Diva Bamboo from Carl F. Bucherer symbolizes strength on the one hand, and grace and pure beauty on the other. This model from the Alacria family has an aura of extraordinary luxury and striking originality.

For centuries, the bamboo plant has been associated with many things. Thus in China it is a symbol of long life, while in India it is a sign of friendship. In the Philippines, farmers set up bamboo crosses to bring good luck, whereas in Japan the bamboo is a symbol of purity. Even in today’s world, bamboo also has a very wide variety of uses: as a decoration for the home, in the construction of gardens and facades, and for eating and drinking. And now – in the figurative sense – it is also being used in the watchmaking industry. Carl F. Bucherer has adopted the bamboo as a symbolic model for the creation of an exquisite watch. The result is a jewelry watch that is in the typically luxurious style of the Alacria range, yet has an extraordinary exoticism: the Alacria Diva Bamboo.

83 orange and black baguette-cut sapphires embody the slender forms of the bamboo on the white gold dial of the Alacria Diva Bamboo. Another attractive feature is the striking case made of white gold, which is also set with 90 orange and black baguette-cut sapphires and 239 round black sapphires. A single orange sapphire also decorates the gold crown.
The cutting of these long baguette-shaped gemstones is an extremely time-consuming and delicate process, requiring the fullest concentration on the part of the stone cutter. It is to this quality, and to the special color combination of the sapphires, that the Alacria Diva Bamboo owes its unique status in the world of watches.
A further highlight is the orange strap made of fine Louisiana alligator skin and fitted with a white-gold pin buckle.

The exclusivity of the Alacria Diva Bamboo is not least due to its limited edition. The Lucerne-based watch Manufacture is producing just 10 copies, each with its own individual dial, at its workshops in Lengnau. The dial of each copy has its own individual design of orange and black baguette-cut gemstones. Thus each wearer of an Alacria Diva Bamboo has her own custom-made model.

Just like the bamboo plant in nature, the Alacria Diva Bamboo emphasizes women’s strength and natural independence on the one hand, and their grace and beauty on the other.
With the Alacria Diva Bamboo, Carl F. Bucherer presents a masterpiece for women with real class who are used to attracting admiring glances. A timepiece for self-assured women who prefer their own unique look and who also go their own way when it comes to choosing a watch.

Totally “Diva-like”.