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Carl F. Bucherer automatic watches for men and women keep time with your movement. With automatic watches, no winding is necessary; as you move your wrist and arm during normal activity, the watch mainspring winds itself. This allows the automatic watch to keep perpetual time. A reserve keeps the watch running while you sleep, and you have the opportunity to wind the watch manually should you remove it for so long that it winds down. However, with normal every day wear, your automatic watch will continue to keep proper time.

Automatic watches for men and women

The Carl F. Bucherer firm has numerous automatic watches for men and women. Some of these automatic watches include:

  • The Patravi TravelTec, a GMT watch designed to keep time in multiple time zones
  • The Patravi TravelTec 4X, a sportier version of the original Patravi TravelTec
  • The Patravi TravelTec 4X Limited Edition, an exclusive version of the Patravi TravelTec 4X featuring an 18 K rose gold case
  • The Patravi ChronoGrade, a chronograph watch that comes in numerous variations to fit any style
  • The Patravi ChronoDate and the Patravi ChronoDate Annual, two chronograph watches that feature a big date function and a big date plus annual calendar function, respectively
  • The Manero Perpetual, a simple, classic watch with perpetual calendar
  • The Manero ChronoPerpetual, a classic chronograph watch that also includes a perpetual calendar and a tachymeter
  • The Manero MoonPhase, a timepiece that tracks the phases of the moon and includes many variations and styles
  • The Manero CentralChrono, a chronograph watch with a central minutes counter
  • The Adamavi, a timeless watch with restrained elegance
  • The Pathos Queen, a sparkling ladies watch with 38 diamonds surrounding the watch face
  • The Pathos Diva, an elegant ladies watch with 54 diamonds to set off the delicate latticework in the watch face


A history of watchmaking excellence

The Carl F. Bucherer firm was first founded in 1888, when Carl Friedrich Bucherer opened a shop selling both watches and fine jewelry in Lucerne. His two sons trained as a watchmaker and a jewelry maker, and from there the family began the tradition of combining the arts of watchmaking and fine jewelry. Today, a luxury timepiece from the Carl F. Bucherer collection carries with it over 125 years of watchmaking excellence as well as the skill required in creating a watch that also serves as a piece of jewelry.

Explore the watches in the Carl F. Bucherer collections, and learn more about the company's automatic watches for men and women.