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Carl F. Bucherer chronograph watches for men and women are true examples of fine Swiss watchmaking. The Swiss have been master watchmakers for generations, and the Carl F. Bucherer firm has more than 125 years of watchmaking expertise. The firm manufactures all of its own watch movements to ensure they are of the highest quality. When you purchase a chronograph watch from the Carl F. Bucherer collections, you become the owner of a watch that combines the technical sophistication of Swiss watchmaking with the artistic prowess of a master jeweler.

The history of the Chronograph

The first chronographs were invented in the early 19th century. These chronographs were designed to serve as stopwatches, to allow people to accurately track the length of time it took for something to begin and end. Now, there are numerous stopwatches available, including digital stopwatches and smartphone apps. However, the chronograph still remains popular due to the elegance of its design and the fine watchmaking skill required to build it. A timepiece with a chronograph is a timepiece that is ready to handle stops and starts even to the fraction of a second.


Chronograph watches from the Carl F. Bucherer collections

Explore some of the chronograph watches featured in the Carl F. Bucherer collections:

  • The Patravi TravelTec, a GMT watch designed to keep track of time in three different time zones
  • The Patravi TravelTec 4X, a sportier version of the original Patravi TravelTec
  • The Patravi TravelTec 4X Limited Edition, which presents the 4X watch in an 18 K rose gold case
  • The Patravi ChronoGrade, a chronograph watch with a retrograde hours counter available in numerous variations including an 18 K rose gold bracelet, a hand-stitched Louisiana alligator skin strap, or a stainless steel bracelet and case surrounding a blue watch face
  • The Patravi ChronoDate and ChronoDate Annual, which add big dates and calendars, respectively, to the chronograph watch
  • The Patravi TravelGraph, a sporty watch that tracks time in two timezones
  • The Patravi T-Graph, an angular timepiece that includes a bidirectional power reserve function
  • The Manero ChronoPerpetual, a classically-styled chronograph watch that also features a tachymeter and a moon phase tracker
  • The Manero CentralChrono, a sleek timepiece with a chronograph as well as a central minutes counter


A history of fine Watchmaking

It takes a master watchmaker to build a chronograph, and the Carl F. Bucherer firm has spent years developing its expertise in fine watchmaking. Learn more about the watches in the Carl F. Bucherer collection, including its chronograph watches for men and women.