Couple watches don't just display the time—they also display your love. The Carl F. Bucherer collections include many luxury couple watches for you and your special someone. Whether you are wrapping up a pair of watches for a holiday present or giving them on an important anniversary, the gift of a matched set of couple watches is a way to share your love for each other while investing in a pair of quality watches designed to keep both of you on time and in each other's hearts.

The Carl F. Bucherer Collections

Choose your watches from any of the Carl F. Bucherer luxury collections:

Each of these collections includes many luxurious, stylish, and beautiful watches designed for both men and women. 

The sporty Patravi line is designed for couples who are on the go. The Patravi ScubaTec, for example, is built for divers and is ready to handle the ocean depths. Other Patravi watches include GMT models designed to keep you together across multiple time zones, as well as chronograph watches, day date watches, and other innovations.

The Manero collection is for couples who appreciate everlasting style. Classic, high-quality alligator bands and softly brilliant 18 K rose gold cases anchor this collection, which also features retrograde, moon phase, and power reserve watches.

As for the Adamavi collection, well—it remains a timeless and proven classic. These watches represent the best in high-end watchmaking while retaining the classic look that has kept the Carl F. Bucherer firm in business for over 125 years.

Looking for something that is a bit more of a novelty? The Pathos and Alacria watches include glittering timepieces titled Diva, Queen and Princess.



Give the gift of fine Watchmaking

Whether you are celebrating a marriage, raising glasses at an anniversary, or honoring another moment in your life, give the gift of fine watchmaking with couple watches from the Carl F. Bucherer collections. These watches make excellent gifts for you and your spouse, and they also make ideal gifts for sons and daughters starting new families and new lives. Sporty or classic, no matter what style, Carl F. Bucherer has a luxury watch available. Take some time to explore the collections and learn more about the history of the Carl F. Bucherer firm, including its many couple watches.