Diamond Watches
for Women
and Men

Carl F. Bucherer diamond watches for women and men are stylishly brilliant. These luxury Swiss watches carry with them the generations of craftsmanship for which the Carl F. Bucherer firm is known; they also sparkle with the clarity of diamonds, rubies, and other precious gemstones. The company believes that a true luxury watch is also a piece of fine jewelry, and has been combining the artistry of watchmaking and jewelry making for over 125 years. Explore the Carl F. Bucherer collections to learn more about these exquisite luxury watches.

Diamond Watches from the Carl F. Bucherer Collections

Explore the diamond watches of the Carl F. Bucherer collections:

  • The Pathos Diva, which includes 54 diamonds that set off the 18 K rose gold latticework in the watch face
  • The Pathos Diva Joaillerie, a brilliantly sparkling watch that features 96 diamonds in the watch face, 370 diamonds in the case, and 404 diamonds in the bracelet
  • The Pathos Diva Haute Joaillerie, a spectacular, glittering timepiece that displays 110 diamonds in the face, 98 in the case, and 360 in the bracelet—this watch is designed to appear as if it were made of diamonds
  • The Alacria Princess, which comes in numerous variations to match personal style—choose from bracelets made of python skin, alligator leather, stainless steel, 18 K yellow gold, or the Alacria Princess TwoTone which weaves 18 K rose gold and stainless steel together
  • The Alacria Queen, which comes in similar variations and includes even more sparkling diamonds
  • The Alacria Royal Limited Edition, featuring 100 diamonds in the case, 210 rubies in the bracelet, and sparkling brilliants
  • The Alacria Royal Rose Limited Edition, with 137 TW vvs diamonds in the case as well as 137 top-quality sapphires, and 26 TW vvs diamonds in the watch face along with 89 top-quality sapphires
  • The Alacria Swan Limited Edition, featuring 348 TW vvs diamonds (3.30 ct) in the watch case as well as hundreds of sparkling brilliants


A Tradition of Fine Watchmaking and Fine Jewelry

When you purchase a diamond watch from one of the Carl F. Bucherer collections, you become the owner of a luxury timepiece created by a family firm with over three generations of watchmaking and jewelry experience. The Carl F. Bucherer company launched its first ladies wristwatch collection in 1919, when wristwatches were just beginning to come into vogue. These beautiful Art Deco watches, designed to both keep the time and serve as pieces of jewelry, set the foundation for the luxury watches to come.


Today, you are invited to explore the Carl F. Bucherer collections, including the beautiful, luxurious diamond watches for women and men.