Divers Watches
for Men
and Women

Dive into style with Carl F. Bucherer. Divers watches for men and women were first invented in 1971, and since then master watchmakers have worked to create the finest diver’s watches possible. These beautiful, sporty watches allow men and women to explore the depths of the ocean without damaging their fine watch—or missing a single second of the undersea view. With a divers watch from the Carl F. Bucherer firm, you are ready for whatever aquatic adventure comes your way.

Explore aquatic worlds with diver's watches for men and women

Divers watches go with you from the beach to the dive site, and are designed to continue working even as you prepare your dive gear and plunge into aquatic worlds. As you explore the delicate beauty of coral reefs or watch a group of stingrays as you snorkel, be assured that your luxury watch is as well prepared to handle the burdens of the dive as any experienced diver.



Understand water resistance and meter data

Not all watches are diver’s watches. When shopping for diver’s watches, the first thing to look for is the water resistance or meter data. Luxury watches come with a variety of water resistance, but only certain watches qualify as diver’s watches. 


A true diver’s watch is able to handle swimming, snorkeling, diving, and deep-sea diving. These watches have been tested to ensure the security of the watch movement while underwater. The Carl F. Bucherer firm has crafted its men's dive watches and ladies' diver watches to be well prepared for the demands of the dive.


Once you have your divers sport watch, it is important to have it tested for water resistance once a year. With a luxury timepiece such as a divers watch from Carl F. Bucherer, watch maintenance is an essential part of watch ownership. 



The Patravi ScubaTec

Explore diver’s watches with the Patravi ScubaTec, designed for unlimited diving. This beautiful watch comes in different variations to match any style, and is a beautiful example of the ultimate in diver’s watches. Whether you choose the smart rubber strap or the classic stainless steel bracelet, your divers watch is designed to be ready to dive alongside you.



A history of excellence

The Carl F. Bucherer firm has been making luxury timepieces since 1888. Based in Lucerne, this family firm aligns the finest watchmaking craftsmanship with the highest jeweler's art. Together, these two art forms create the excellence that is the foundation of the Carl F. Bucherer firm, and that carries through into its diver’s watches for men and women.