GMT Watches
for Men
and Women

Stay global with a GMT watch. GMT wristwatches for men and women help you keep track of the time not only in your own time zone, but also around the world. Watch as your timepiece continues to display the current GMT, or Greenwich Mean Time, alongside the current local time—even as you set your watch to new time zones as you travel the globe. Wherever you go, your sport watch goes with you, and so does the quality craftsmanship that comes with a Carl F. Bucherer timepiece.

GMT Watches for men and women combine style and authority

Global travelers need watches that are ready to travel with them. From the jet setter to the international business owner, a well-made luxury GMT watch is an essential way to combine style and authority. Carl. F. Bucherer offers superlative GMT watches for men and women that come backed by over 125 years of watchmaking excellence.



The Patravi TravelTec line

Look no further for GMT sport watches than the Patravi TravelTec line. These stylish, functional, and authoritative watches are part of the Carl. F. Bucherer Patravi collection, and exhibit the fine craftsmanship, durability, and sporty aesthetic for which the Patravi collection is known.

Start with the Patravi TravelTec, with its finely-crafted chronograph that includes hours, minutes, and seconds counters and displays three different time zones. The case is made of 18 K rose gold and includes a sapphire crystal with dual-sided anti-reflective coating. The calfskin strap provides a professional, business-ready look.

The Patravi TravelTec variations include different color and style options, including a beautiful TravelTec watch in blue. If you are looking for watches with a GMT function, make sure to explore the entire Patravi TravelTec line.

The Patravi TravelTec FourX takes the quality of the TravelTec and adds a sporty look. Like the Patravi TravelTec, it also displays three different time zones. The watch features a 950 palladium case, and its rubber strap ensures durability and allows the watch to easily travel with the wearer.

The Patravi TravelTec FourX Limited Edition comes in a limited run of only 125 watches. This GMT watch allows the wearer to track three time zones displayed in an elegant case of 18 K rose gold. The limited edition watch comes with a rubber strap for style and functionality.



A world of excellence

The Carl F. Bucherer firm is a family firm founded in 1888 that has been combining the technical mastery of watchmaking with the artistic mastery of jewelry-making for over 125 years. All of the Carl F. Bucherer watches reflect a history of fine craftsmanship and a world of excellence, including its GMT watches for men and women.