Gold Watches
for Men and

Carl F. Bucherer gold watches for men and women are designed for every occasion. Whether you are preparing for a sporty weekend away, a business meeting across the Atlantic, an elegant party, or a casual wedding reception, a gold watch keeps you in good time as you go. Like the little black dress, the well-shined shoe, or the perfectly-tied tie, a gold watch is always in style. Learn more about the gold watches within the Carl F. Bucherer collections and choose the perfect watch for you.

The Carl F. Bucherer Collections

The Carl F. Bucherer company includes five unique watch collections:


Each of these collections includes high-quality watches that feature 18 K rose gold. The Carl F. Bucherer company has over 125 years of experience in both watch making and fine jewelry, and because of that has chosen to work with 18 K rose gold in many of its watches, constructing delicate gold latticework around a watch face or weaving rose gold into a watch bracelet.


Choose, for example, the Adamavi, which features an 18 K rose gold bracelet as well as rose gold in the watch case. A different Adamavi variation includes a rose gold watch case and a black alligator leather strap, equally stylish for every occasion.


The Patravi collection provides sporty, ready-to-travel watches that also include rose gold elements in their construction. The Patravi TravelTec watch is a GMT watch built to keep time in three different time zones simultaneously. The watch also features a chronograph, which adds to its unique appearance and functionality. And yes, it also includes the subtle brilliance of 18K rose gold. Choose a Patravi TravelTec watch with a rose gold case and a calfskin strap, or select the Patravi TravelTec watch that includes rose gold in both the case and strap.


If you want something a little more eye-catching, explore the Alacria collection. The Alacria Queen includes not the usual rose gold, but a shining 18 K yellow gold in the case and bracelet, as well as 102 individual diamonds. The Alacria Princess TwoTone returns to the familiar rose gold, weaving it into the bracelet and case and letting the gold set off the watch's 46 diamonds.



Learn more about the beauty of the gold

There are numerous beautiful Swiss watches in the Carl F. Bucherer collections, many of which feature gold. Take some time to study the collections and learn more about these stylish, high-quality gold watches for men and women.