Luxury Watches
for Men
and Women

Wear your luxury watch with style. Luxury watches for men and women form the cornerstone of the Carl F. Bucherer company. A family firm since 1888, the Carl F. Bucherer firm has transformed watchmaking innovation by bringing together technical excellence with an expert knowledge of fine jewelry. When you wear one of Carl F. Bucherer's many luxury watches for men and women, you wear not only a high-end timepiece, but also a piece of watchmaking excellence that has an over 125-year history.

The Carl F. Bucherer story

Carl Friedrich Bucherer first started making and selling watches in 1888, on Falkenplatz in Lucerne. He sold both watches and jewelry, and his two sons trained as a watchmaker and a fine jeweler, respectively. It was this combination of quality watchmaking and fine jewelry making that set the Carl F. Bucherer firm apart from the rest, and today the Swiss timepieces listed in the Carl F. Bucherer line all carry with them elements of both the watchmaker and the jeweler, side by side.



Luxury watches for men and women

The Carl F. Bucherer watch manufacturer features six distinct watch collections, each with its own sense of style and aesthetics:

Each watch collection carries with it the generations of watchmaking excellence that make up the Carl F. Bucherer firm. However, each individual collection also carries its own unique style and its own series of luxurious watches for men and women.

Take, for example, the Alacria Swan Limited Edition, of which only 88 watches are available. This sparkling Swiss watch is crafted from 18 K white gold and includes 348 diamonds in the case as well as an additional diamond in the crown.

The Pathos Princess, meanwhile, presents an understated elegance with stainless steel and 18 K rose gold. The watch face is surrounded by delicate rose gold latticework for a simple but unmistakable impression.

For men, try the two variations of the Manero Tourbillon Limited Edition, so exclusive that only 188 watches of each model are available. The case is 18 K rose gold and the strap is hand-stitched Louisiana alligator skin. This watch catches eyes from a distance and is even more powerful when viewed from up close.



A history of luxury

The Carl F. Bucherer firm has been working with luxury since Carl Friedrich Bucherer first began selling watches and jewelry. Explore the Carl F. Bucherer collections to find unparalleled luxury watches for men and women.