Watches for
Men and Women

Carl F. Bucherer mechanical watches for men and women combine fine watchmaking with fine jewelry. These watches carry with them a history of watchmaking excellence that first began in 1888 when Carl Friedrich Bucherer opened a watch and jewelry shop on Falkenplatz in Lucerne. After Carl Friedrich Bucherer's sons trained in watchmaking and jewelry making, the family firm began to build its reputation for creating luxury watches that were both masterpieces of fine watchmaking and examples of fine jewelry. Today, the mechanical watches in the Carl F. Bucherer collections are examples of true craftsmanship and artistry.

Exploring the Carl F. Bucherer Collections

The Carl F. Bucherer collections include five distinct families of watches, each with its own unique family style:


Each luxury timepiece in the Carl F. Bucherer collections includes a hand-crafted watch movement. Many of the watches include diamonds and other gemstones, which are assessed by experts before they are allowed to adorn a Carl F. Bucherer watch. Only the finest craftsmanship and materials go into these watches, whether they include chronographs or tourbillons, rose gold or python skin, diamonds or rubies.



The mechanical watches

Although some of the watches in the Carl F. Bucherer collections include quartz movements, the majority of the watches are mechanical timepieces that use automatic movements to keep the watch in time. Automatic movements are constructed to allow the natural motion of the hand and wrist to slowly keep the watch wound throughout the day. During the night, a reserve power ensures the watch continues to run as you sleep. If you remove the watch for an extended period of time, simply wind it by hand before wearing it again, and then let the automatic movement keep the self-winding mechanism going.


This mechanical craftmanship is part of the history of Swiss watchmaking. Watchmakers have spent generations developing more and more sophisticated watch movements, including chronographs that allow watches to stop on fractions of a second, as well as tourbillons that fight the pressures of gravity to keep watches in perfect time. The automatic watches in the Carl F. Bucherer collections are sterling examples of fine watchmaking, and, when combined with the firm's expertise in fine jewelry, are true luxury timepieces.


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