Watches for
Men and Women

Carl F. Bucherer moonphase watches for men and women keep the phases of the moon close at hand. The moon has long been an admired and mysterious force, responsible for the tides and providing a visual guide for everything from navigation to planting crops. With a moonphase watch, you always know whether the moon will be waxing or waning, bright or dim, a full circle or a slim crescent. These watches are beautiful and stylish ways to keep track of the moon and the time simultaneously.

Moonphase watches from Carl F. Bucherer

The Carl F. Bucherer firm has been crafting quality Swiss watches for over 125 years. First founded in 1888, the Carl F. Bucherer company has worked to bring together the dual arts of watchmaking and fine jewelry. Now, the firm's collection of moonphase watches showcases the brilliance of this blend of craftsmanship and artistry.


Start with the Manero MoonPhase, an eye-catching timepiece that displays the phases of the moon against a stainless steel watch face. The Manero MoonPhase comes in many variations, so you have the opportunity to select, among other options, a black watch face surrounded by 18 K rose gold. If you are looking for something unique and exclusive, the Manero MoonPhase Limited Edition is a special variation on the Manero MoonPhase that is limited to only 125 watches. 


The Manero Perpetual is a classic moonphase watch that also features a perpetual calendar and a chronometer movement. Choose between an 18 K rose gold bracelet or a Louisiana alligator skin strap. 


The Manero ChronoPerpetual is a moonphase watch that also features a perpetual calendar, a chronograph, a flyback, and a tachymeter. The watch face is framed in an 18 K rose gold case and includes a handstitched Louisiana alligator skin strap. The Manero ChronoPerpetual is also a limited edition timepiece, with only 100 available.



A history of excellence

A Carl F. Bucherer watch carries with it a history of excellence that has lasted for generations. This family firm has worked together to bring innovation to watchmaking, working through numerous prototypes to build its own watch movements and create high-quality watches that are also pieces of fine jewelry. Carl F. Bucherer moonphase watches are only one example of the extraordinary beauty and sophistication present in these Swiss timepieces. Take some time to explore the Carl F. Bucherer collections and learn more about all of its watches, including the moonphase watches for men and women.