Skeleton Watches
for Men
and Women

The Carl F. Bucherer skeleton watches for men and women show off the fine watch movements for which the firm is known. When the Carl F. Bucherer company was founded in 1888, it began almost immediately to bring together innovations in watchmaking and fine jewelry. Carl Friedrich Bucherer had two sons, one of whom trained as a watchmaker while the other trained as a jeweler. Now, these two skills come together to create luxury timepieces designed to present both technological and artistic prowess simultaneously. With skeleton watches, the Carl F. Bucherer firm takes it one step further and displays the delicate watch movement as if it were jewelry of its own.

The beauty of watch movement

Watch movement is known for its beauty and complexity. When a watch movement is perfect, each piece works in tandem with the others to keep the watch ticking smoothly and in time.

Skeleton watches allow you to observe this beauty. While many timepieces hide their movement underneath a watch face, skeleton watches leave the watch face visible. When you can see the gears, the tourbillons and the other individual pieces that make up a complex and functional watch movement, you are more likely to appreciate the true art of watchmaking, as well as the work that went into the luxury timepiece at your wrist.



The history of Carl F. Bucherer

The Carl F. Bucherer firm has an over 125-year history of excellence in watchmaking. In 1888, Carl Friedrich Bucherer opened a jewelry and watch shop on Falkenplatz in Lucerne. At that time, watches were not generally worn on the wrist; that innovation only came into vogue decades later, and the company created its first ladies wristwatch collection in 1919. Throughout this time the Carl F. Bucherer company worked to combine the two arts of watchmaking and jewelry making, and to incorporate those elements into every watch they designed.

Now, a Carl F. Bucherer watch is not only a luxury timepiece, but also a true piece of jewelry. With skeleton watches, the blending of watchmaking and jewelry becomes even more apparent, as the watch movement itself is given the opportunity to delight the eye. 

Take some time to browse the five Carl F. Bucherer collections with its exclusive and limited edition timepieces, and discover the craftsmanship and beauty in skeleton watches for men and women.