02 Jun 2016

Carl F. Bucherer and HODINKEE review the unique fan experience at Baselworld

In March Carl F. Bucherer teamed up with leading watch publication HODINKEE to offer one watch enthusiast an exclusive chance to experience Baselworld behind the scenes.

In March Carl F. Bucherer teamed up with leading watch publication HODINKEE to offer one watch enthusiast an exclusive chance to experience Baselworld behind the scenes. The #BringMeToBaselworld campaign was the realization of a shared vision between the Swiss luxury watchmaker and HODINKEE to open the world of watchmaking to the fans.

Baselworld is the most important marketplace and trendsetting show for the world's watch and jewelry industry. Although the public is able to purchase tickets to the show, only invited guests can experience the wonders of the booths and even fewer get to spend one-on-one time with a CEO.

Carl F. Bucherer and HODINKEE review the unique fan experience at Baselworld


Experiencing Baselworld for the first time

Thousands of fans entered the competition to win the exclusive Baselworld experience. Nathaniel Coghlan from Chicago was crowned as the lucky one based on his impressive application. On choosing the winner, Jack Forster, CEO of HODINKEE expressed;
"Nathaniel seemed a great choice to us for several reasons – his obvious enthusiasm for watches, for one; his real interest in learning more about Carl F. Bucherer, for another.  What really made him stand out from such a big field of really incredible entrants, though, was his open-mindedness – rather than seeing Switzerland, Baselworld, and Carl F. Bucherer through the lens of his own preconceptions, we felt he truly wanted to experience Basel and Carl F. Bucherer on their own terms, and to see Swiss fine watchmaking from the perspective of one of its most distinguished and historically grounded proponents: Carl F. Bucherer."

On his first trip to Baselworld with Carl F. Bucherer Nathaniel had one word to describe it; amazing.
“How was it? In a word, amazing. Everyone from Carl F. Bucherer was warm and welcoming, and the Carl F. Bucherer booth was nicer than my house, so hanging out there was truly awesome. It's a rare and wonderful thing to be able to speak about watches without worrying that I'm boring everyone to death. And of course I was the proverbial kid in the candy shop at Baselworld.” – Winner Nathaniel Coghlan

A private interview with Carl F. Bucherer CEO Sascha Moeri

In addition to receiving a private presentation of the Carl F. Bucherer novelties, the #BringMeToBaselworld campaign winner was part of an exclusive private interview between Jack Forster and Carl F. Bucherer CEO, Sascha Moeri. Nestled in the stunning private office of the CEO himself, Coghlan heard first-hand the passion behind the new brand look and new timepieces.

Nathanial Coghlan admits it was amazing to get his hands on so many of the pieces from Carl F. Bucherer but had a soft spot for the Manero Flyback in steel.

“Dual register Flyback Chrono in steel, what is not to love? Although the limited edition with perpetual calendar and Moonphase was something to behold as well.” – Winner Nathaniel Coghlan

A Shared Passion for Watchmaking

The motivation behind the partnership between Carl F. Bucherer and HODINKEE was a shared desire and passion to open up the world of watch-making to the fans. The #BringMeToBaselworld Competition allowed the two companies to open up the world of watchmaking to an enthusiast, enabling the winner to see behind the scenes of one of the biggest events in the watchmaking calendar.

“Watch collectors and enthusiasts are passionate people, so to be able to see that your passion as a collector is reciprocated by a brand means a lot. It's nice to know that they are not only invested in collectors as people, but also share our passion for mechanical wrist watches, as art, as an investment, as a hobby. – Winner Nathaniel Coghlan

Although the public can purchase a ticket to Baselworld, getting to spend time in the booth and discovering the novelties first-hand is usually reserved exclusively for press and retailers. Not only that, but joining an interview between the leading watch publication online, HODINKEE, and Carl F. Bucherer CEO Sascha Moeri is not something just anyone gets the chance to do.

Carl F. Bucherer and HODINKEE review the unique fan experience at Baselworld Carl F. Bucherer CEO Sascha Moeri takes part in an interview with HODINKEE’s Jack Forster and Frank alongside #BringMeToBaselworld Winner Nathaniel Coghlan

We are so proud to have given a watch enthusiast like Nathaniel the chance to discover the world of Carl F. Bucherer, especially during such an important event. Not only that but we got to discover more about our fans, too. Now is the ideal time to allow them to see what we stand for, as we are incredibly excited about this golden time ahead. Being able to take our fans with us on this journey is undeniably the best part. – Carl F. Bucherer CEO Sascha Moeri.

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