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JD.com is China’s leading e-commerce service provider, with a retail infrastructure that allows customers to shop 24/7 and have items delivered across China.

JD.com is China’s leading e-commerce service provider, with a retail infrastructure that allows customers to shop 24/7 and have items delivered across China. This infrastructure and technology is also used by a number of renowned international brands, and the company has established strong partnerships with several Swiss luxury watch manufacturers. Carl F. Bucherer’s first foray into e-commerce is in collaboration with one of China’s largest watch retailers, Harmony World Watch Centre, which will operate and maintain the Carl F. Bucherer online boutique on JD.com.

Speaking about the new venture, Sascha Moeri, CEO of Carl F. Bucherer, said: “China is a key market for Carl F. Bucherer. Chinese consumers have a strong understanding of our brand values and it is important for Carl F. Bucherer to further develop its position in China by entering the country’s e-commerce market. We feel honored to have the privilege of partnering with Harmony World Watch Centre on this project. Being one of China’s top retailers, the company has extensive and long-standing experience in retail sales. Furthermore, JD.com is one of the largest and strongest e-commerce platforms in China. It is an ideal partnership, as there is significant customer base and unparalleled access to the market, which will help Carl F. Bucherer reach a large audience and achieve sales targets. The cooperation with Harmony World Watch Centre on JD.com will help Carl F. Bucherer expand its position on the Chinese market.”

Qiangdong Liu, Chairman and CEO of JD.com, enthused: “JD.com has always been committed to providing quality products and services for its customers, and it is also the trusted channel for top international brands to enter the Chinese market. JD.com will use its market position to help Carl F. Bucherer better understand local consumer habits and preferences quickly. JD.com is delighted to be working with another top brand to enhance its retail business.”

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Huang Yongfeng, CEO of Fiyta Holdings Ltd., the parent company of Harmony World Watch Centre, added: “Carl F. Bucherer is one of the few Swiss luxury watch manufacturers still owned by its founding family. In recent years, e-commerce in China has developed rapidly, with many Swiss watch brands entering the country’s e-commerce market. Carl F. Bucherer is a brand steeped in history and is renowned for its watchmaking expertise and technological innovation. We are very pleased to be cooperating with Carl F. Bucherer and JD.com, and by combining our strengths, we will surely elevate the brand to new heights. Harmony World Watch Centre is a retail chain group specializing in the distribution of world-famous watch brands and the provision of after-sales services. The company has a strong financial foundation and reliable operating capabilities, and with over 20 years of experience, it ranks among the top retailers on the Chinese market. Through enthusiasm and professionalism, the Harmony World Watch Centre team will work closely with Carl F. Bucherer in generating greater brand awareness and sales growth in China through JD.com’s e-commerce platform.”

Carl F. Bucherer has always adhered to the spirit of watchmaking traditions and specialized in technological innovations. With this latest venture, the brand will offer new experiences to a previously untapped customer base. The Carl F. Bucherer online boutique on JD.com has been officially launched, and customers can enjoy a convenient and comfortable shopping experience with 24-hour access, complete guarantees, and an exclusive selection of Carl F. Bucherer timepieces.

Please scan the QR code to visit the official Carl F. Bucherer online boutique on JD.com and experience the world of Carl F. Bucherer:

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Witness true love
今年のバレンタインデーは、カール F. ブヘラの調和のとれた対照的なペアウォッチで、世界中のカップルの素晴らしい多様性を祝福します。もしかすると、相手はあなたを写す鏡なのかもしれません。2本のマネロ ペリフェラル、同じであっても違うところがあります。物語に表と裏があるように、色、ケース、そしてストラップは対照的でありながら、本質は同じなのです。
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CFBのヘリテージ クロノメーター セレブレーション、2023年キャピタル・ウォッチ・アワードを受賞


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