2020, 7月 02 日


COVID-19 has changed our everyday world – it has forced everyone to completely rethink how things are done, question existing structures, and create room for new ideas.

COVID-19 has changed our everyday world – it has forced everyone to completely rethink how things are done, question existing structures, and create room for new ideas. Carl F. Bucherer has made use of recent weeks to further develop existing concepts, resulting in new products and a fresh approach to presenting them. In August 2020, this concept will celebrate its premiere in Geneva with a multi-day brand and product presentation.

The Crisis as an Opportunity
This repositioning is coming at a time when existing structures are being reassessed all over the world, and interaction among individuals is becoming increasingly important. “The spread of the coronavirus is something we have closely monitored with great attention and concern,” says Sascha Moeri, CEO of Carl F. Bucherer. “During the lockdown, it was especially important for us to remain in frequent exchange with CFB employees, taking into account all guidelines recommended by the government, and to stay connected with our partners and friends around the globe. In the more than 130-year history of our manufacture, we have faced and overcome a number of challenges. We will also successfully cope with the current crisis and are ready to strike out in new directions to do so. Accordingly, we are pleased to be presenting our timepieces for the first time in a new setting in August.”

CFB in Geneva

Experience Carl F. Bucherer Individually
From August 26 to 29, 2020, Carl F. Bucherer will be presenting its novelties at the Bucherer Boutique in Geneva in the context of an exclusive multi-day brand and product presentation. The focus will be on informative and creative exchange with the invited partners, journalists, brand ambassadors, and watch enthusiasts. Over the course of four days, they will be able to admire impressive new timepieces and watchmaking excellence. In inspiring talks, workshops, group discussions, and evening events, guests will also have the chance to delve deeply into the world of Carl F. Bucherer, allowing each of them to experience the brand in all its facets.

Several Events Worldwide
The rendezvous in Geneva is just one of several events at which the brand will be presenting its new products this year, followed by stopovers in Shenzhen and New York. Carl F. Bucherer is thus turning over a new leaf: product launches will no longer be based on a single major event. Instead, the manufacturer will be presenting its product innovations at several exclusive events.
“After more than 35 years of exhibiting at Baselworld, we now had to find a new way to adequately present our new products on a global scale. Our new launch strategy provides us with this opportunity and goes one step further. With regional brand experiences, our customer focus and proximity will be even greater in the future,” Sascha Moeri continues.
Carl F. Bucherer is one of the few family-owned Swiss watch manufacturers that has been led by the founding family continuously, from the beginning to this very day. Values such as loyalty, sustainability, and innovation are an integral part of the company philosophy. The new launch approach reflects these values as well as the cosmopolitan spirit of a watch manufacturer that is deeply rooted in its hometown of Lucerne, yet at home all over the world.

CFB in Geneva


2024, 2月 09 日


Witness true love
今年のバレンタインデーは、カール F. ブヘラの調和のとれた対照的なペアウォッチで、世界中のカップルの素晴らしい多様性を祝福します。もしかすると、相手はあなたを写す鏡なのかもしれません。2本のマネロ ペリフェラル、同じであっても違うところがあります。物語に表と裏があるように、色、ケース、そしてストラップは対照的でありながら、本質は同じなのです。
2024, 1月 26 日


CFBのヘリテージ クロノメーター セレブレーション、2023年キャピタル・ウォッチ・アワードを受賞
2023, 12月 21 日


皆様にとって楽しいクリスマスになりますよう、カール F. ブヘラ一同、心よりお祈り申し上げます。


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