They travel more than any previous generation. They make spontaneous decisions – dinner in Paris, a wedding in New York, or a holiday in the Sahara. According to the results of various studies, global citizens are a generation of explorers. Many of them also work for international companies, head up teams spread across different cities, and spend their lives hopping from continent to continent. It is precisely these global nomads that are the perfect fit for Carl F. Bucherer’s new luxury watch, the Manero Flyback.


автоматический подзавод, калибр CFB 1970, диаметр 30,4 мм, высота 7,9 мм, 25 камней, запас хода 42 часа


хронограф: счетчики минут и секунд, функция flyback, дата, час, минута, малая секундная стрелка


нержавеющая сталь, сапфировое стекло с двусторонним антибликовым покрытием, задняя крышка из сапфирового стекла, водонепроницаемость до 30 м (3 атм.), диаметр 43 мм, высота 14,45 мм


насыщенный голубой цвет


Нержавеюще, Текстильный


A piece of exquisite Lucerne craftsmanship

As the famous Chinese proverb says, the longest journey begins with a single step. Carl Friedrich Bucherer took this first step when he opened a specialty shop for watches and jewelry in Lucerne in 1888. This shop has since grown into an international company, and Carl F. Bucherer has become a watch brand that has an excellent reputation around the globe – particularly with people who feel at home wherever they are in the world. They see the Manero Flyback as an ambassador for the city of Lucerne, a piece of Switzerland that accompanies them wherever they go.

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