Should your Carl F. Bucherer timepiece require a repair or a maintenance service, we offer a worldwide network of modern service centers with highly-qualified specialists. These watchmakers and specialists have received extensive training to service and repair Carl F. Bucherer watches, according to our highest standards.

Special recommendations

By respecting the below listed recommendations, you will ensure an excellent performance of your Carl F. Bucherer timepiece over many years.


The water-resistance may decrease after a period of time, for example due to the ageing of the gaskets or due to an accidental (mechanical) impact against one of the components, which is responsible for the water-resistance (such as the crown, pusher or the crystal). Please also note, that you should not operate the crown or the pushers as long as the watch is wet or in water.

As listed in our maintenance instructions, we recommend checking the water-resistance once a year in one of our Carl F. Bucherer certified service centers.

Bathing in the sea

Always rinse your watch with clear tap water after bathing in the sea. This will prevent salt residue damage or affect your watch or any related properties. 

Screwed crown

Always ensure to screw the crown in very carefully, this prevents penetration of humidity into the watch movement.

Non-screw crown

Push the non-screw crown back into neutral position, to prevent penetration of humidity into the movement.

Chonograph pushers

To avoid water from penetrating into the watch movement, never operate the chronograph pushers under water.


Clean the metal bands and water-resistant cases carefully with a soft brush and mild soapy water (if you have a leather strap please avoid contact with water, oils and cosmetics). To dry the watch you may use a soft cloth.

Impacts / Vibrations / Extreme temperatures

Protect your watch from impacts and avoid exposure to extreme temperatures.


Avoid placing your watch close to loudspeakers, refrigerators or any other electrical devices which generate magnetic fields, as it could affect the accuracy of your timepiece.


Avoid direct contact of your watch with solvents, cleaning agents, perfumes, cosmetics etc., as these products could damage the band, the case or the gaskets.

Leather strap

In order to preserve the appearance of the leather strap as long as possible, Carl F. Bucherer recommends to follow their care instructions below:

To avoid discoloration or deformation, do not bring the leather strap in contact with water or humidity. Exposure to direct sunlight over an extended period of time could lead to fading of the colour. As leather is permeable, you should avoid contact with oily substances or cosmetics. Cleaning the leather strap with leather cleaner is not advised.

Power reserve

The automatic movement is wound automatically as you move your wrist. Therefore, a wearing time of approx. 10-12 hours is sufficient to store enough energy to ensure that the watch will continue to function throughout the whole night. If the watch is not being worn long enough, not worn daily or if the wrist movements are insufficient, the power reserve diminishes constantly. In this case we recommend to wind the watch manually before wearing. Approx. 15-20 winds of the crown is enough to ensure its reliable functioning.

Service intervals

In what intervals should my Carl F. Bucherer timepiece be serviced?

Like any high precision-instrument, a Carl F. Bucherer timepiece needs to be serviced on a regular basis, to ensure a reliable functioning according to the technical specifications. It is not possible to define standard values regarding the timing of the service intervals, as it depends on the model, the climate, the nature, the manner of the wearing and the treating of the watch. According to our many years of experience, we can recommend a service interval of approx. 4-5 years.

Regular inspections

We recommend checking the water-resistance of a Carl F. Bucherer watch once a year, but also if the case suffers any hard knocks. The water-resistance of a watch may decrease after a period of time, for example due to the ageing of the gaskets or an accidental (mechanical) impact against one of the components, which is responsible for the water-resistance (such as the crown, pusher or the crystal).

This quick check can be done in any certified Carl F. Bucherer service center and is free of charge. The water-resistance check can help to prevent unexpected and avoidable functionality problems, which could damage your Carl F. Bucherer timepiece and could possibly lead to cost intensive measures.