Carl F. Bucherer and zai become partners.

18 Mar 2014

Manufacturers of perfection.

Lucerne, March 2014. Swiss watchmaker Carl F. Bucherer and ski manufacturer zai start an inspiring partnership.

Quality, performance and innovation — those are the pillars on which success is founded. Swiss companies Carl F. Bucherer and zai both agree on that. A partnership that benefits both manufacturers has emerged out of their shared philosophy.

Passionate craftsmanship.
Zai, the manufacturer of exclusive ski and fine golf accessories, was founded in 2003 by successful ski designer Simon Jacomet with the goal to make products that set standards. Just like Carl F. Bucherer, zai also strives for perfection without compromise, both in design and quality. Inspiring masterpieces are developed in both manufactures using outstanding craft skills.

Carl F. Bucherer's timepieces are the result of traditional watchmaking techniques that are continuously developed from generation to generation. The manufacture of skis, with a sporty combination of wood and metal, also has a long history. This traditional artisan know-how raises zai and Carl F. Bucherer to a new trendsetting level.

Innovator in the premium segment.
Carl F. Bucherer and zai do not just share the highest expectations of performance, but also the pursuit of innovation. The Swiss companies redefine their goals time and time again through persistent advancements. While Carl F. Bucherer makes its mark with its outstanding proprietary movements, such as the CFB A1000, zai is the world leader in the use of revolutionary, often self-developed materials. They passionately pursue and realize their visions. Zai and Carl F. Bucherer both tirelessly pave their own way - and both companies are now heading in the same direction.