Carl F. Bucherer Gains Ground in Asia.

30 Apr 2013

New presentation space in the former Portuguese colony of Macau.

Carl F. Bucherer is further expanding its presence on the Asian market. On March 2013 the Lucerne-based watch Manufacture opened a new boutique in Macau, part of its continuing investment in the emerging Asian market.

Carl F. Bucherer, a by-word for creativity in watchmaking and supreme technical performance, has opened a new store in Macau. The location selected for the new sales outlet is the famous Venetian Hotel. The independent Lucerne-based watch Manufacture is thereby continuing its investment in the Asian market, as well as underlining the performance potential of this fast-growing market.

“Our boutique in Macau is a further addition to a group of exclusive Carl F. Bucherer stores that have been opened all over the globe. It is also one of the most beautiful boutiques we have in the world. We create elegant and inviting places in exclusive locations, providing a relaxed environment in which our customers can select the right watch for them,” explains Sascha Moeri, CEO of Carl F. Bucherer.

Simple design
Like all other Carl F. Bucherer stores, the new boutique in Macau retains the brand’s style and at the same time reflects the special character of the shop concept: timeless elegance. Under the “Feel at home” slogan, the Carl F. Bucherer corporate architecture with its distinct, simple design and high-quality materials ensures an understated and relaxed ambience.

The interior is dominated by the colors white and brown. Dark red walnut wood and natural high-tech stoneware give the space a warm, natural feel. The side walls, which are covered with a filigree material, cleverly highlight the detailed architectural planning of the shop.

With this concept – fascinating simplicity combined with puristic elegance – Carl F. Bucherer not only offers visitors a high-quality shopping experience, but also invites them into an oasis of calmness.