Carl F. Bucherer supports Manta Trust.

12 Mar 2015

For the elegant giants of the oceans.

Swiss watchmaker Carl F. Bucherer supports Manta Trust, a non-profit organization that conducts research to be used to protect the impressive manta ray. The Swiss company’s commitment to this animal is symbolized by an engraving of two manta rays on the back of the PATRAVI ScubaTec diver’s watch.

Manta Trust

The PATRAVI ScubaTec appears as if it has emerged from the depths of the ocean. This timepiece is not just a reliable diving companion, its sporty elegance and distinctive power make it an unforgettable impression. The emblem featured on this diver’s watch by Carl F. Bucherer is the manta ray, a majestic creature exuding more dignified grandeur than any of the sea’s other inhabitants.   

Manta Trust

Protecting the fascinating underwater world
“The PATRAVI ScubaTec is made for explorers,” explains Sascha Moeri, CEO of Carl F. Bucherer. “Divers all around the globe explore the fascinating world below the sea’s surface.” Manta Trust’s objective is to preserve this habitat and protect the endangered manta ray. Through systematic observation and scientific analysis of this majestic sea creature, Manta Trust wants to raise awareness of the fragility of the underwater ecosystem. Carl F. Bucherer is supporting Manta Trust by becoming the patron of the two manta rays “ScubaTec” and “TravelTec,” which were tagged as part of a research project. By attaching satellite transmitters to the manta rays, the project intends to shed new insights into the life of these gentle giants. The carefully collected information will allow for the introduction of far-reaching measures of protection for these. Once the data has been gathered and analyzed, the journeys of “ScubaTec” and “TravelTec” across the Pacific’s expanses will be traced on Manta Trust's home page.  

Manta Trust

Pointing the way
Guy Stevens, CEO of Manta Trust and a passionate marine biologist, is delighted with the sponsorship’s success. “This commitment demonstrates how important it is to protect our planet and its inhabitants— across all borders.”
The elegant yet powerful animals have also found a place on the PATRAVI ScubaTec: two manta rays are engraved on the back of the diver’s watch, demonstrating Carl F. Bucherer’s commitment to protecting these creatures.