Manero Powerreserve

16 May 2014

Unmistakably authentic with the exclusive Laser Signature as counterfeit protection.

The MANERO PowerReserve incorporates an integrated power reserve display and the highly accurate CFB A1011 Manufacture movement, combining excellent functionality with sophisticated technology. These technical achievements are protected by the first time use of the innovative CLR Liga laser technology from the Swiss company Mimotec SA.

A classic element in traditional design is the power reserve display. It indicates the current level of tension in the mainspring and shows the remaining available running time in hours. In the Manero PowerReserve, functionality and design are blended to perfection in the power reserve display. The heart of the Manero PowerReserve is the Manufacture's own automatic CFB A1011 caliber, incorporated in the Manero for the first time in this model. A special feature of the movement is the peripherally positioned bidirectional oscillating weight that supplies the automatic drive with power. 

Carl F. Bucherer sets great value on the protection of its technical achievements and on ensuring that the Carl F. Bucherer name remains synonymous with the highest quality. To this end, CLR Liga technology, by the Swiss firm Mimotec SA, is now employed in the Manero PowerReserve: the smallest components are given a diffractive surface structure that reflects light in the form of a unique signature. A complex and costly 4-stage process makes this laser signature impossible to forge. A simple laser device can provide quick, straightforward authentication even decades later.