Passion and confidence united.

22 Sep 2014

Nubya, the talented singer from Switzerland, is a new brand ambassador for Carl F. Bucherer.

International singing star Nubya is a new Friend of the Brand of Swiss watchmaker Carl F. Bucherer. She embodies visionary commitment and an optimism born of strength of character.

Self-confident, feminine and strong – the singer Nubya follows her own path with ambitious determination. She is sure that, without courage of vision, a person’s dreams will forever remain beyond their reach. Her philosophy is, ”If you hesitate and only think on a small scale, you will not achieve what you really want.".

Exceptional talent with ambitions.
Nubya saw the rocky road to success in the music industry as a challenge. She has never been dissuaded from her goal, and instead has turned it into an important incentive: to bring her passion to the stage and to express her personality in songs. The daughter of a Swiss mother and a Nigerian father, Nubya loves making music. She took piano lessons for nine years and learned how to tell stories through sounds. Eventually, shortly after graduating from high school in Basel, she went to New York City, where the pulsating energy of the city led her to her great passion- music. Back in her native Basel, she devoted herself intensively to singing while studying economics.

Success born of passion.
Nubya's tireless determination coupled with outstanding talent paid off.  At age 25 she got her breakthrough as the opening act for Whitney Houston, impressing not only the audience but also the legendry singer. Now with her own albums, world tours, and impressive performances in sold-out venues, Nubya has succeeded in making her dream a reality. Her songs touch on issues of importance to her. Offstage, she supports the people of her second homeland of Nigeria as a Swiss Red Cross ambassador.

A strong personality with style.
Nubya is independent and ambitious – she knows who she is and what she stands for. She expresses her character both in her music and in her own individual fashion style. That is why she chooses watches from Carl F. Bucherer to adorn her wrist. Thanks to a masterful combination of watchmaking and jewelry-making, the exquisite timepieces possess a distinctive charm – just like Nubya.