With passion to succeed.

24 Sep 2014

Talented Swiss skier Wendy Holdener is Carl F. Bucherer’s new brand ambassador.

The talented Swiss ski racer Wendy Holdener is the new Friend of the Brand of the Swiss manufacturing brand Carl F. Bucherer. She combines irrepressible enthusiasm with a confident spirit.

Passion, commitment and, big goals – Wendy Holdener forges her own path to success. The passionate pro athlete is just beginning a tremendous career, and is the embodiment of strength and self-confidence.

Fascinated by sports.
At the tender age of three, the Swiss native was already on the skis that would come to mean the world to her. Since that time, she has been fascinated by the thrill of speed and the dynamics of movement. When Wendy is on her skis, she forgets everything around her for a moment. As a professional athlete, she lives this passion every day. Following numerous athletic successes in slalom and combined events, Wendy Holdener was accepted onto the B squad of the Swiss ski team before she turned 18. Thanks to her will to always deliver her best perform at her best and to never give up, today she is the only female Swiss ski racer in her class competing at an international level.

A love of life and inspiration.
Passion is the key to success. The talented skier knows this, and she not only drives herself to attain new heights of performance through her love of sport, but also infects those around her with her fun-loving nature and temperament. After all, getting ahead requires not just a strong will and big ambitions, but also external motivation and support. Wendy's family, friends, and fans play an important role in the eventful life of this pro skier, who in addition to her athletic career has also completed a vocational training program in hotel management.

Strength of character that inspires.
Wendy Holdener exudes a powerful dynamism that is completely authentic because she always remains true to herself despite living in the limelight. She expresses her determination with timepieces from Carl F. Bucherer.  As masterful combination of the arts of watchmaking and jewelry-making, these timepieces represent what distinguishes Wendy Holdener: achieving high standards without losing sight of what is important.