Elegance and determination.

10 Jan 2014

Indian actress Puja Gupta is Carl F. Bucherer's new brand ambassador.

Lucerne, January 2014. The model and actress Puja Gupta is Carl F. Bucherer's new “Friend of the Brand”. She provides the perfect combination of ambition and glamour.

"Everything that’s difficult in life is a stepping-stone to success;
nothing is impossible if you work hard and never give up." Puja Gupta's words express her personal opinions but also reflect her own experience. She has worked very hard for her success and is always keen to take on new challenges.

Success and commitment
From a young age, Puja Gupta always felt drawn to the world of glamour. Her breakthrough came in 2007, when she won the title of Miss Universe India. She went on to represent India at the 2007 Miss Universe competition in Mexico, where she made the top ten. Puja Gupta's career has now taken off. Her beauty and charms are in demand for fashion magazine shoots and she has become the face of numerous famous brands and labels. Now Puja is even gaining a foothold in Bollywood - India's dream factory. She made her acting debut in the film "F.A.L.T.U." Since then, the model has quickly developed a successful career as an actress and has won roles in several other films. When Puja is away from the glamour and the spotlight she is a strong supporter of the animal rights organisation PETA, campaigning for vegetarianism, and she also plays an active role in spreading AIDS awareness.
Puja Gupta approaches everything she does with passion and energy. In her free time, she enjoys horse riding and yoga and loves to write and draw. She is a keen traveller who takes delight in getting to know different cultures. Thanks to her outgoing attitude, she feels at home everywhere in the world.

Independence and confidence
For Puja Gupta, it is essential that she remains true to herself in everything she does, so she takes great care to preserve her independence and to live life on her own terms. Independence and confidence are traits that are embraced by Carl F. Bucherer. Since 1919, the Swiss watchmaker has been creating ladies' watches that exude a very special charm and endow their wearers with exceptional flair. The Patravi ChronoDate worn by Puja Gupta underlines her sporty yet elegant style. As the new “Friend of the Brand”, the actress embodies the values, aspirations, and elegance that are at the heart of Carl F. Bucherer.