03 Aug 2017

Carl F. Bucherer begins partnership with Pilatus cogwheel railway in Lucerne

The Pilatus cogwheel railway is one of the landmarks of Lucerne in the heart of Switzerland, and riding on the railway is a cherished experience for visitors. The world’s steepest cogwheel railway takes passengers from our home city up to the peak of its famous mountain, known as Pilatus.

Built at the end of the nineteenth century, the Pilatus cogwheel railway remains a masterpiece of technology to this day. With a maximum incline of 48 percent, the railway is a true expression of Swiss engineering skill and the product of an ambitious vision. Two horizontally turning cogwheels were developed to enable the train to make it up this particularly steep incline. The two wheels mesh precisely in the middle of the rail, and have been providing excellent reliability and safety during the journey up and down the mountain for over 125 years. It is essential that all the individual parts function together perfectly – that they run like clockwork.

As one of the few remaining family-owned Swiss watchmaking companies, Carl F. Bucherer is a global brand with a strong regional connection. The brand chose to highlight its strong connection to Lucerne with a brand relaunch in 2016, along with a new slogan: “ Made of Lucerne, ” which pays homage to the city of the company’s founding. Carl F. Bucherer also demonstrates its commitment to its home city by supporting various local sport and culture projects, as it does now with its sponsoring partnership with the Pilatus cogwheel railway.


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